Dana Falsetti (they/them)

Dana Falsetti is a white, fat, non-binary, disabled person, a speaker, writer, and the founder of Fullbeing. At 22 they started traveling and teaching yoga workshops in person and online with the intention of reaching those who felt othered because of how their bodies are treated and seen.

What began as a message of body positivity shifted to one of fat liberation rooted into anti-racism over years of learning and self-reflection. In 2018 Dana launched their own online class platform under Practice with Dana - a space committed to growth, financial accessibility, physical accessibility, and a big lack of all things anti-fat.

Eventually Dana reached a point of burn out, largely from social media presence, and took a step back in 2019. In the time since, they have been working alongside their team to relaunch the site as Fullbeing, expanding by bringing on more teachers who deserve to be heard and seen abundantly, and by creating a new foundation based on our shared values.

Dana has also since been diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder, alongside other co-morbid conditions, and is exploring what a return to physical practice might look like for them. When the time comes, you may see new classes from Dana. In the meantime, you can find Dana’s existing classes in Fullbeing’s library.